Smart sensor technology may soon be the industry standard in senior living


According to an article published on Senior Housing News last month, “A growing number of senior living companies are implementing pilot programs testing various smart sensor or remote monitoring technology platforms in communities, and consumer expectations will drive a “seismic shift” toward full-scale deployment of these kinds of programs.”  (Read full article here >>)

Very exciting!  Those of us in the industry have known for a while there would be no choice but to adopt sensor technology into this market, but it may be sooner rather then later.  This type of technology would allow more seniors to be cared for, save money, and allow facilities to provide better care.

The article goes on to say “The most successful organizations are those that are anticipating their residents’ needs… Smart sensor technology is going to empower organizations in a way they’ve never had in the past so they can anticipate residents’ needs, and then be able to provide for them.”

So what types of sensors are these communities on the forefront of technology looking towards?   You will find many on the Home Health Tech Store.  Common categories will be Home Fire PreventionMonitoring & Alerts, and Mobility.

Technology in this market has largely just been reactive.  But in the best communities, says Porter, there’s a transition to, ‘How can we use technology to anticipate needs as residents age in place?’

Source:  Smart Sensor Technology in Senior Living Headed Toward Industry Standard


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