Lightweight & Small GPS Tracking System!

With Traxxit360, you can keep the people near to your heart, close to your home. The Traxxit360 is one of the smallest and lightest GPS tracking devices in the market today. These devices are ideally suited for children, teenagers and adults with special needs. A great wandering alert system!

The Traxxit360 is a compact, electronic, keychain-size tracking device that wirelessly connects to mobile communications networks using the Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) system to locate the device. You can locate the device using a secure browser-based portal, or through the use of a smart phone application. It can locate the device with an accuracy of less than 3 meters.

The features are amazing:

  • Quickly and easily access the accurate location of multiple devices using the dynamic mapping on the web or a smart phone.
  • Create customizable GeoTraxx zone, and be alerted by email or text when a person with Traxxit360 leaves the area.
  • Monitor the speed of the Traxxit360 with SpeedTraxx, and be alerted if a set speed limit has been exceeded.
  • Review a history of locations.
  • Share alerts with family and friends via email and text messaging.
  • Available in Black with Grey sides, Silver with Black sides, and Red with Black sides. Additional colors and combinations available by special order.
  •

A monthly fee is required to operate the Traxxit360, and is set up upon registration of unit (registration included card in package)


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